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Hawaiian Christmas shows
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On The Scene
by John Berger

NA LEO'S "CHRISTMAS GIFT" A HIT: Nalani Choy, left, Willie K, Lehua Heine, Keali'i Reichel and Angela Morales went out to meet the crowd after "Na Leo's Holiday Music Spectacular" played to a capacity crowd Thursday in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom. Nalani, Lehua and Angela did something different this year, having their guests join them in mix-and-match segments as well as performing in separate mini-sets. Willie joined the trio for a four-way rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and Morales danced with the Diamond Head Theatre Shooting Stars.

Na Leo still going strong after decades on stage
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by Jason Genegabus - Star Bulletin
WITH SO many local recording artists struggling for success, it's comforting to know some industry veterans are able to change with the times and still make a profit.

Na Leo is a group with no plans to retire anytime soon. After signing a distribution deal with Koch, the ladies are set to release their 19th studio album next week.

"E Hula Mai Kakou" is due in stores (and iTunes) on Tuesday. The release marks the start of Na Leo's 25th anniversary celebration, which lasts until August 2009 and includes their most extensive U.S. mainland tour to date.

With help from producer Shawn Pimental, the ladies have produced an instant classic for hula halau around the world. "E Hula Mai Kakou" features a number of original compositions, plus new material written by Puakea Nogelmeier, Violet Hughes and Kahauanu Lake.

Na Leo will head for the mainland next week, with a pair of concerts scheduled in San Diego with Keali'i Reichel and Weldon Kekauoha before moving on to Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas for the Fourth of July weekend. They'll be joined in Seattle and Vegas by Reichel, Ernie Cruz Jr. and Kaukahi

Na Leo targets hula with yesteryear mood
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"E Hula Mai Kakou" by Na Leo; One Hawaii

# Genre: Contemporary Hawaiian, hapa-haole hula.

# Distinguishing notes: Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima Heine and Angela Morales Na Leo continue to be masters of their craft. This album collates a few classic Hawaiian tunes alongside a crop of tropical niceties reflecting a bygone era. The orientation is toward hula many of the cuts are suitable for dancing, but plain listening is OK, too.

"Do the Hula" is a stroll down memory lane, when hula was all about maidens in grass skirts, making humuhumunukunukuapua'a motions amid grass-hut imagery, set to a swinging, light-jazz beat. "Pupu Hinuhinu" is a reinterpretation, Na Leo style, of the Nona Beamer signature, creating a new version for a new generation of youngsters who may learn the tune a brew that still retains a simple and sweet mood. "I Ola Kakou Na Hawai'i" and "Lei 'Awapuhi" are joyously traditional, the latter with Heine soloing with sheer grace.

And if you want to get the ol' ticker going, check out "E Huli Ho'i Mai," which is territorial in spirit (hear that, Harry B. Soria Jr.?) with backyard lu'au-style chalangalang arrangement and delivery. "Kipu Kai," the Bill Kaiwa classic, is also a charmer with more old-school mana'o.

Two more hula-driven items should also be flagged: "Pua Mae'ole" and "Pua Tuberose," both with floral orientation.

Island Mele - E Hula Mai Kakou
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by John Berger

"E Hula Mai Kakou"
Na Leo

Na Leo - Nalani Choy, Angie Morales and Lehua Kalima Heine - have enjoyed consistent success with over the years with original pop and hapa-haole songs, but they do Hawaiian standards beautifully as well. Their latest album follows in the musical "footsteps" of their 2006 release, "Where I Live, There Are Rainbows," with another collection of local classics sung with those unmistakable three-part Na Leo harmonies.

"Do the Hula" sets the mood as they sing of things that have made Hawaii a dream destination for more than a century: flowers, tropical moonlight and a "little brown gal in a little grass shack."

"I Ola Kakou Na Hawai'i" is the first of several Hawaiian selections. "Misty Rains and Lehua" and "E Huli Ho'i Mai" stand out in featuring individual voices up front - the first number is sweet and seductive, the second zesty and up-tempo.

Na Leo closes with a dreamy rendition of "Pupu Hinuhunu" that once more puts on display those gorgeous harmonies.

25th Anniversary Collection

Artist: Na Leo / Title: 25th Anniversary Collection
Street Date: November 24th, 2009
Price: $12.88 for the 26 song, two disc set
Label: OneHawaii Music, LLC / Distributor: E1 Entertainment / Management: WorldSound
Web Site: / /
Label Contact: Michael Cusanelli at 203.895.3924 or
Management Contact: Warren Wyatt at 808.333.4224 or

Disc One
1. With a Little Help From My Friends
2. Chalangalang Blues
3. I Miss You My Hawaii
4. North Shore Serenade
5. Candle in the Night
6. Love is Starting to Shine
7. Sophisticated Hula
8. Friends
9. My Old Room
10. All is Right With Me
11. Stray Cat Strut
12. Waikiki

Disc Two
1. Poetry Man
2. Kamalani O'Keaukaha
3. You Don't Remember
4. Ku' u Hoa
5. Flying with Angels
6. When I Think of You
7. Ua Mau
8. Love You Inside and Out
9. Pupu Hinuhinu
10. Saving Forever
11. Local Boys
12. Rest of Your Life
13. Ave Maria
14. Our Hawaii NEW

Na Leo releases their historic 25th Anniversary Collection exclusively at Wal-Mart.

OneHawaii Music is pleased to announce a very special release from one of Hawaii's best selling and most award winning groups. Exclusively available at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and, Na Leo's 25th Anniversary Collection is an overview of the group's illustrious career. The 26 songs contained on the two disc set reflect not only the history of a career and a friendship, but in many ways a history of popular Hawaii music. Why Wal-Mart? "No other retailer in Hawaii does a better job presenting Hawaiian music to local, Mainland, and international fans," says Michael Cusanelli, VP of Sales and Marketing for OneHawaii Music. Other artists that have released music exclusively with Wal-Mart include the Eagles, AC/DC, and Garth Brooks. To reach the largest possible audience & celebrate Na Leo's 25th Anniversary, OneHawaii & Walmart are introducing this two disc set of 26 songs at a groundbreaking $12.88 sale price.

About Na Leo
Na Leo Pilimehana which in Hawaiian means the voices blending together in warmth, is the most popular, most award-winning and biggest selling female Hawaiian group in the World. Na Leo consists of three childhood friends, Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima Heine and Angela Morales. Friends since grade school all three shared a love of music and became members of the concert glee club. They had their first hit as seniors when they entered Hawaii's youth talent contest, "Brown Bags to Stardom" in 1984 with their original song, "Local Boys." The song, "an ode to the bronzed and buffed," blasted onto the charts and ruled at #1 for months. The next year, the hit single "Local Boys" won the prestigious Hoku Music Award (Hawaii's version of the Grammys) and it became the best selling single in Hawaii's history.

About OneHawaii Music
OneHawaii Music is an independent record label, whose vision is to present the world with the highest quality music from Hawaii. OneHawaii works in collaboration with its artists to create exceptional music to reach fans worldwide by utilizing traditional and non-traditional distribution channels, and growing and maintaining a strong connection with the base of peoples in Hawaii and around the world who love Hawaii and its music. In the spirit of the Hawaiian value of Kupono (honesty and fairness), OneHawaii Music aspires to be the most artist friendly record label ever created.

Na Leo